One of the things ACTS prides itself in, is the extent to which we are able to customize itineraries in order to meet the specific needs of a ministry team (which can at times be rather unusual!). Earlier this year we received an enquiry from an organisation called XMA (Extreme Missionary Adventures), their mandate to us being “find us a ministry opportunity with completely unreached people in the most extremely remote location possible”.

Tucked away along the extremely remote southern lake shore of Kariba (Zimbabwe) are the Tonga people. The Tonga are an unreached, largely ignored, voiceless and impoverished tribe. The area is incredibly hot, teeming with wildlife and has hardly any roads … most of which are unusable in the rainy season. There are no evangelical churches in this area within 20km (12.5 miles) of the lake shore, continuing for a stretch of over 200km (125 miles). Picking the hottest month of the year (October), also known as “suicide month”, a reconnaissance trip was conducted by ACTS and XMA with a view to sending future teams to minister to the Tonga.

“Suicide month” certainly lived up to its reputation! It was unimaginably hot and the roads were appalling (so much so that we’re trusting God to provide us with a more appropriate 4X4 vehicle), but the trip was a great success. The Tonga people were incredible and the area responsive, and XMA are looking to send regular teams back in the future. What a privilege it is for us to be able to play a role in taking the Gospel to entirely new areas such as this! It is in fact so remote and difficult to move around in that future groups will fly into a dirt air-strip, be met by our support vehicle and then operate from a base, hiking into the surrounding villages (while on the lookout for predators!).

Are you looking to do something extreme for God’s Kingdom that we can assist you with?


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