Update: Ambassadors in Sport (AIS) Cycle Trip Tangiers – Cape Town

Just 200 metres after crossing the Cameroon border, the Cycle for Hope team and their guide leave the vehicle – stuck in the mud – with one change of clothes and their tooth brushes, setting off on their bikes for a real adventure. All this came about after the team realized the ferry would cost over US$3000, and had decided to tackle the 80km road instead of the 800 km round trip.

However, seeing the state of the road and having got the truck stuck once already, they quickly decided that it would be best to turn around and make the long round trip … the only hiccup being that the cyclists and crew only had single entry visas into Nigeria and were therefore not able to take the trip with the vehicle! And so they set off on their bikes down the muddy road, passing trucks and cars stuck in 10m deep mud holes. Making the most of it, they enjoyed the en-route hospitality of villagers, including fried snails and spicy food, even having great fun swimming down some rapids during a lunch break!

But, the spicy food (or was it the fried snails?), didn’t sit well with everyone, as some of the team slowly realized they wouldn’t be able to carry on very comfortably. So, with 8 of them squished into a taxi, it made for and interesting and rather uncomfortable ride, not helped by the fact that the clutch cable broke half way! This meant the driver not only had to start the car in 3rd gear, but was hesitant to bring the car to a halt … so, approaching a police check point (they usually have either a rope across the road or a piece of wood with nails in it – this time it was the wood with nails!), he yelled out the window to the police man sleeping by the side, who quickly moved the spikes out the way a second before we passed. No one seemed to be too concerned!

Finally, 6 days after leaving the overland truck near the border, without any interim contact, the team and truck were reunited, and so the journey continues … the team is just about to reach the Gabon border and enter into their 11th country. It has certainly been an adventure, with some great ministry time on the way. Keep them in your prayers as there is still a long way to go!

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  • Hello team! Thank you Leo for posting more wdernoful pics. Continuing to pray for relationships strengthen and hearts to soften as the Ndjemane people witness the love of Christ through each of you. Spending lots of time in the village is precious Can’t wait to see hear stories of your first sleepover! And of course -we really want to see those namesake dances!

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