Redefining Poverty and Rethinking Development

Kenya Volunteer

Our year in Kenya began with some wonderful volunteers from Australia, Carla and Rachel. Continuing on our theme of “redefining poverty and rethinking development”, Carla and Rachel truly embraced a brand new outlook and applied it to their lives. After several discussions about poverty and development and some meaningful experiences on project, Rachel and Carla deeply grasped a new view on development: empowerment and responsible interaction rather than handouts and pity. Carla says:

“[This time] has really changed my whole perspective of poverty and people in poverty and what ways I now think are the best to help them. It has also made me appreciate education more and everything I have back home now seems like a dream come true and I am very aware of how much I have taken it for granted and how much time I have wasted.”

And Rachel wrote:

My outlook on life has changed in that I realize how much I am blessed and how much I can impact the community with the opportunities and resources I’ve been given. I would like to make future plans for when I return to Aus to keep contributing to social work in a local and global scale through my finances and also my personal use of time and plans for future employment.”

Our exploration of Biblically-based appropriate development continues, and we’re excited to see the work God will do not only in our Kenyan communities, but in the hearts and minds of volunteers.


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