Zimbabwe Marches On

Pastor Rewai, his wife Margaret and Carmen (Volunteer Coordinator)

Update from our Zimbabwe Volunteer Project

Although this year has started off quietly for the ACTS Harare Volunteer Project, we have still been very busy! Our work continues regardless of whether there are volunteers around or not, it just means there aren’t as many hands to get it all done. We have had a few very exciting developments, one of which has been the purchase of land for one of our homes, Father’s House. It has been an amazing display of God’s provision, and we continue to trust Him for provision until the completion of this project.

This week we stood out in the long grass, joined hands and prayed over the property, dedicating it to God and his glory. We still have a long road ahead, but in the end it will mean that these orphans will have a place that they can call home, and that the home will finally have enough land to be able to plant their own vegetables and maize, have a chicken run, and help themselves towards self-sustainability. What an exciting adventure – God is good!

Looking forward to missions

The days in Zimbabwe are hot now. One can almost smell the heat as the sun bakes the hard earth. As the day continues, the hint of thunder can be heard in the distance. The sky darkens and the breeze can be heard whispering through the tress and long grasses. You can always smell the rain in Africa. That damp, fresh smell brings the promise of quenching a thirst and when those first cool drops fall from the sky, it’s as though everything breathes a sigh of relief.

Although it has been fairly quiet over the last few weeks, the ACTS Zimbabwe office is already preparing for the many groups coming to our country later in the year. Like the parched land waiting for the rain, we expectantly anticipate the mission groups in 2011 who have dedicated their time, finances and prayers to come and serve in this beautiful country. As it says in Matthew 9:36, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few”,, we are eternally grateful for the mission teams who come to this incredible land, and it’s truly amazing to see the work of God displayed through them during their time in here.

God has big plans for this nation and we look forward to assisting the mission groups coming to serve His Kingdom this year.


  • Jim DeHart

    I want to thank ACTS for the job they are doing. I would not have come to Africa if it were not for you. Now I travel Zimbabwe on my own and have had much success in reaching the lost and helping the helpless on my own – well, with God’s help and a lot of nationals that is! I am working in Manzvire in South Chipinga, and if any one wants to join me, there you’re welcome. Jim DeHart

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