CHOIR blown away by MISSION experience in Cape Town


After a year’s worth of preparation and prayer, team meetings, rehearsals and fund raisers, the time finally arrived to wing our way to Cape Town, not fully knowing what to expect but with an idea of what we were going to do. Our idea was that we, along with Living Hope Ministries, were going to make a real impact for God in Cape Town. We went prepared to pour out our hearts and we ended up being blessed beyond our wildest dreams. Speaking for myself – my life was radically changed. I think I can safely say the same thing for the rest of the group, too. God has a way of turning things around and surprising His children. He loves to do that sometimes and this is one time He did it big time. Nothing we had planned worked out the way we thought it would. Our itinerary went out the window but the group didn’t flinch. We were flexible beyond what I ever thought we were capable of and God’s itinerary was met in fine fashion. Natasha of Living Hope and Clynton of Team House did an outstanding job of keeping us moving and on track in meeting the needs of those that needed ministering unto. Your own Kent Lilley did a masterful job of running herd on us and making sure none of us got lost in the shuffle. Our hearts were blessed as we went into the local schools, health care facilities, after school care facilities, the homeless shelter, the Christian radio station, the care centers for the elderly, the outlying shanty towns, and even working with a local choir in one of the shanty towns. One day, we sang at seven different places. Everywhere we went, the people readily accepted us in the spirit in which we came and we shared the love of God in every venue. And on the final night, as we sang at a community-wide concert, the people stood and shouted their encouragement, appreciation and love while we were on the stage singing. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Cape Town is a beautiful place and we really enjoyed the time we had to do some sightseeing and shopping. Team House did an outstanding job of selecting the sights for us to visit to see the vast array of beautiful mountains and seashores, quaint towns and national parks as well as nice restaurants with local food specialties.

It was difficult to say our good-byes. Tears flowed and hearts beat hard in our chests. We had forged a bond with the members of Living Hope and Team House that will forever stay with us. God had been placing in our hearts for some time that something special was in store for us on this trip but we just couldn’t quite put our finger on what it was. Now we know. We have a Living Hope within us in the person of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that can reach across many miles and lift in prayer those of a different culture who we got to know on this trip and really need our prayers. And we now have the members of the Living Hope and Team House ministries in our lives as our friends whom we can love and share in their work in Cape Town. Thank you, Kenn, for allowing God to use you to put Wilmington Celebration Choir together with the Living Hope Ministries all the way down in Cape Town South Africa. May God bless you in a special way for this.

Whether we ever get back to Cape Town, I don’t know. But this I do know – there will be other mission trips for WCC – and I pray that they will be just as special as this one. However, they will have to really get up and go to top the results of this trip to Cape Town.

“Love, Mercy and Peace be yours in Abundance”
Jude 2 (NIV)

Charles F. Trull
Wilmington Celebration Choir


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