Living Hope Summer Project – All systems GO!!


We are proud to say that the Living Hope Summer Project has started with a bang. The group of 7 volunteers are an amazing bunch and you can just see the eagerness and the Christ-like love that they bring to the ministry. We are all really excited to see what happens and how God not only uses them to serve, but touches them while they serve Him and His people here in Cape Town.The first week was mainly spent on orientation. The volunteers got an in-depth description of Living Hope, the ministry work that they will be doing, each community they would be working in, general safety tips, health issues and general language differences to name but a few.

After most of the orientation was done, it was time to get ‘dirty’ and stuck in to the ministry work. They were all divided into teams and allocated a kids club, each in a different community, which they will be serving at in the afternoons. Week two followed with the morning ministry work at the prevention centre, health care centre and the homeless ministry followed by Kids Club in the afternoons.

To find out more about what’s happening, feel free to read the following blog by one of the volunteers:


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