New Wheelchairs go along way for the disabled kids at Joy Town Special Primary School, Thika, Kenya


It doesn’t do much good to give a disabled child a wheelchair if it doesn’t work well for them. The Wheels team at LeTourneau University did their part to make sure that this was not the case for the Children at Joy Town Special Primary School in Thika, Kenya.

The team travelled to Joy Town to build relationships, take baseline data with the often inadequate wheelchairs the children were using at that time, and to see which assessment protocols would work well at Joy Town. The shipments of donated wheelchairs arrived and were fitted to each child according to his/her disability. The team collected data on manoeuvrability, ease of rolling and durability, as well as gain questionnaire input on how well each type of wheelchair worked for the kids as they played with friends and went to school.

But the Wheels team’s work in Joy Town is far from over. Wheels students are raising funds to journey back to Joy Town to collect data on the durability and functionality of the donated Regency wheelchairs and will also compare the Regency wheelchair to a wheelchair manufactured in Kenya.

“What is really exciting is that our Wheels team’s research study has the potential to make a huge difference, not only to the children being fitted with these donated wheelchairs, but to children around the world using wheelchairs provided by the organizations with the same wheelchairs in this study,”

ACTS was privileged to play a small part in this exciting trip.

“Booking through ACTS and letting them take care of all the logistics reduced stress and made the trip more enjoyable – many thanks!” Karin Rispin

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