Who’s up for an extreme missions trip?


For years, some members of the missions community in Zimbabwe have been highlighting the need for the gospel to be taken to the largely unreached and extremely remote Tonga speaking people of Zimbabwe. Even the few roads which skirt their home area are only drivable (with a good 4X4) for a portion of the year. We’ve looked at it before, explored the idea of using boats and other means, but nothing has previously materialized.

With few missions teams being up for such challenging conditions, we were delighted when Extreme Mission Adventures (XMA) approached us with an unusual request. XMA wanted to know about any key places that typical teams were not prepared to go to – this was where they would like to go.

After a reconnaissance trip and a year of preparation the first XMA team arrived during the month of May. Given the time taken to get into the area, ACTS sent an advance party to prepare the way and to make the pickup at a small dirt airstrip in the bush (which had to be cleared of animals including impala, kudu and elephant before landing!)

The 4 XMA team members were then transferred to a forward base about 20 miles away, from where they and the ACTS crew hiked between villages. Over 300 heard the gospel with over 30 responding over the 4 nights. A light has begun to shine and we look forward to follow up teams and others going deeper into these hard to reach area’s


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