Samburu trip

“This trip, from the beginning, was promising to be one of the most challenging volunteer projects we have attempted! And it proved to be true! Thankfully, it all went very smoothly.

After spending a night in Nairobi, the medical missions team got settled in on the huge overland truck and we made our way out of Nairobi towards Samburuland. Despite the recent rains leaving many parts of the road in bad condition, we remarkably arrived in Maralal after just 10½ hours (even before dark)! We spent the night on the compound where our IMB missionaries, Charlie and Sandra Daniels and son Joseph, live, and after a team meeting and bath, we finally put our battered bodies to bed.

The next morning saw us back on the truck early, and after another bumpy 1½ hours, we finally arrived at our ministry destination. Here we unloaded, set up camp, set up the medical clinic, and after lunch began treating the first people. The physicians, eye doctors, nurses, and lab tech came prepared with tools and medicines to meet the physical needs of the folks from all around, while the local Samburu Christians, who have worked so hard to reach their communities for Christ, formed an evangelism team to witness to each person as they left the clinic.

Despite some initial opposition from the Ministry of Health, we spent the next two days treating patients from early morning until 5pm, stopping only for an hour for lunch each day. Seeing children walk out, looking around and seeing clearly for the first time in a long time was a tremendous blessing. Helping people with chronic problems, and even finding a few that needed hospital treatment and helping them get to a hospital for the necessary treatment was just as fulfilling.

The evenings were spent sitting around the fire with our Samburu translators and other local friends, and were always filled with songs, laughter and lots of fun. The nights were COLD, but the days warmed up to the point where we were in short sleeves.

On our last full day in Samburuland, we were able to visit a local Samburu house in the afternoon for tea. This was a great experience for the team, as they were able to see what the local houses are like and to see how the people live. It also helped explain a lot of the normal ailments they were coming in with – breathing problems from the closed in smoky cooking areas, back problems from all the stooping, etc.

At the team meeting that night, we realised that we had treated 450 patients in total over our 3 days there, and that 85 decisions had been made to accept Christ! The Samburu Christians are now following up on those who live near the existing churches, and there is already talk of a new church plant as a result.

The following morning we took off from a gravel airstrip in two small planes, and after 2 hours landed in a conservancy neighbouring the Masai Mara – MUCH better than a 10 ½ hour truck ride back! We spent the night at the incredible Encounter Mara Camp and spent several hours game viewing, seeing a large number of animals as well as quite a large variety of species.

Then it was sadly back to Nairobi the following day, where the team repacked and freshened up before a great dinner and their departure back to the US.

We praise God for the new Christians who have come to Christ and for the others who heard the Gospel in the process.

We also thanks ACTS for their involvement throughout the trip, as without their logistical help and their ability to take us out into a rural village setting to ‘survive’ for four days, this ministry would not have been able to take place. Thank you ACTS, for taking such good care of our folks!”

By Kathy Deasy, IMB missionary in Kenya


  • At the team meeting that night, we realised that we had treated 450 patients in total over our 3 days there, and that 85 decisions had been made to accept Christ! our team want to best succesful service this project.

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