ATOM A Taste of Mission with African Christian Tours and Safaris (ACTS), in partnership with Zambezi Holidays

ATOM is designed as a ‘year of your life’ program for missions passionate young adults and school leavers, filled with a sense of adventure and a commitment to taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. ATOM is designed to help you to step out and explore your missional gifts and passions.

Many of our staff have had life changing experiences through participation in such programs and it is our passion to pass this on. For us, it happens to also be a useful recruiting ground for potential new employees. The entire program is run on a non profit basis.

ACTS is Africa’s leading facilitator of short term missions teams, Christian holiday groups and Christian volunteers. In 2011 we served over 450 groups across Southern and East Africa.

When serving missions teams, ACTS serves only those that are in relationship with and partnering with local churches on the ground.


ACTS, in partnership with Zambesi Holidays (Zamhols), will give you exposure to:

- The ACTS South Central office in Harare and the countries it oversees
- 3 X 10 Day theological, camp leading, guide training and cross cultural training blocks
- Assisting our guides on ACTS tours and safaris, countries may include (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and Botswana) *Major component
- Local church life in a cross cultural African context
- Schools ministry across Zimbabwe, but primarily Harare
- Serving Zamhols on Christian adventure camps aimed at High School Students
- Rural Evangelism
- Orphan care and related ministry (Options include child care, tutoring, life skills coaching, sport coaching, building maintenance, feeding programs and others)
Vehicle maintenance in our truck workshops (if of interest)
Back end logistical admin for the missions teams and youth camps – see what makes it tick!


The year runs from 1 February to 7 December. ACTS and ZAMHOLS provide accommodation in our guest house. We handle all of the necessary transport, oversight and training. All meals are included.


The program is effectively 311 days long. When in Harare your cost of transport, board and lodging will be $25 per day.

When guiding, or serving as crew on camps you will not be required to pay the $25 per day and we guarantee that this will account for at least 121 days of your time with us.

ACTS pay their crew when on tour and we believe that you should be compensated too. When guiding, or serving as assistants on tour you will be paid accordingly. This pay varies depending on how you grow into this role, taking on increasing responsibility.

ATOM program participants are guaranteed 100 days minimum on the road on tours for which you will be given $10 to $35 per day. Those excelling in the area of guiding can spend a significantly longer proportion of the year on the road.

What does this mean?
A more junior participant, not paying $25 for 121 of the days and on tour for the minimum amount
(100 days) at the lowest pay rate will pay $3,775 for the year all incl.

A more typical participant will need to put in approximately $2,500 for the entire year.

An outstanding but novice guide can expect to walk away with a small amount of income plus tips.

For more information and application forms,
please email Barry Rawlings on

A YEAR OF YOUR LIFE download pdf