Simpsonville Baptist reaches out to Soi, Kenya.

Simpsonville Baptist

ACTS was privileged to facilitate the logistics of yet another successful Simpsonville Baptist mission trip to Kenya. This year’s trip included setting up a medical clinic that ministered to over 650 people and an eye clinic that provided services to over 400 people. They were also able to provide 50 water filtration units to the county of Soi, Kenya. In total they have now helped with the instillation of 100 water filtration units in Soi, Kenya over their last two trips. Two of the team members had the privilege of having a meeting with some of the local pastors and key community leaders, to discuss community and economic development. They discussed a non-profit model of relieving poverty and the goal for equality for all in investment and results. The team was also blessed to speak in five schools and visited one orphanage.

Team Make-up: 3 doctors, 2 nurse practitioners, 2 nurses, 3 eye clinic workers, 2 pastors and 1 floater.

Vision for the Future :

† Poultry farming † Bee Keeping † Horticulture † Medical Services † Farm and Animal Production
† Gardening education † Dental, Optical † Benevolence for Widows and orphans † Reforestation

٭Lack of knowledge and training ٭Extreme poverty ٭Funds for projects ٭Pastors’ training
٭Benevolence from churches ٭Education advances

27 February – 10 March 2012


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