Two Baptist Churches from the state of Tennessee in the US joined together to form a team to go to Rianyambeki Village and work with a Baptist church planter/pastor and church members in that area. The church members in Rianyambeki started a school and orphanage more than three years ago and have been running things totally independently for all that time. Last year a team went out and helped construct a girls’ dormitory for the orphanage and this year’s team’s aim was to go and help build a boys’ dorm. The local church members had already completed the foundation for the building and the men on the team helped to raise the walls. The ladies of the team were prepared to teach Vacation Bible School for the school aged children in the mornings and to teach a craft class of making rugs out of strips of fabric in the afternoon. A small group also taught soft ball and other sports to the older children in the afternoons, leaving the new equipment behind for the school to use. As always, these activities were used as a witness and testimony in the community to the saving love and grace of Jesus Christ.

The boys’ dorm was completed! At least the walls… The roof cannot be added until the walls dry firm, but the team left the funds needed to complete the building through to the roof. Another donor sent money to supply some beds for the new space. Two of the Kenyan workers who helped in construction all week made decisions to accept Jesus and the whole community was talking and stopping by to see what was going on, giving the opportunity to witness and share. Over 250 children attended VBS and the last day the gospel was shared with everyone. An invitation was extended to the older children and thirty of them prayed to accept Christ! These were notated and names were given to the pastor for follow up. In the afternoon nearly 45 ladies from the various area churches joined in the craft class and there was laughter, joy, and a little competition on talents going on in the room. Each session was begun with a Bible study and the ladies enjoyed having a few moments away from their household responsibilities to take part in that event together. God blessed the time the team spent in the village and our prayer is that the fruits of this labor continue on in the months to come.


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