Kambui School for the Deaf – Water Tank Donation

Water Tank Donation

In July 2011 Michael Allen came to Kenya to volunteer with ACTS during his time here he got the opportunity to go and work with one of our outreach projects Kambui School for the Deaf. The school was formed in 1965 by the P.C.E.A, which has continued to support the school in many ways over the last 47 years including donating the land the school is built on. Over the last 47 years the school has really grown and developed in many ways the school now holds over 300 pupils aged between 5-23 years with classes ranging from Preschool, primary to secondary and Vocational training that include carpentry and joinery, dress making, agriculture, and beauty therapy.

The school facilities are still developing, with the school having many areas that require improving and development. The school has a great vision; with starting income generating projects that will provide the school with an extra income to help with funds in needed areas of the school, including materials for the vocational classes.

From Michael’s visit at Kambui School for the Deaf, it really impacted him in many ways which resulted in him wanting to give something back to help these children. Later on in the year Michael contacted ACTS to ask how he could go about this, and what the school needs were, following from this a meeting was set between ACTS and the current Principal at the time and the Deputy Head teacher Margaret. Following on from this meeting ACTS feed back to Michael the areas of need.

One area of need the school has was the need of water supplies in several areas of the school, the solution would be to install water tanks in this area which will provide water to the students, and decrease the cost of the school’s current water bills allowing them to invest this money in other areas like a poultry project which would generate income back into the school.

Upon hearing the needs Michael informed ACTS that he would like to provide Kambui School with the water tanks they were in need of, together with the Roskill Masters swimming club he would host a fundraiser to raise the funds of 180,000 KSH (Kenyan Shillings) which includes the cost of 3 water tanks, installation and the labour cost. Michael held several meetings with the committee and members of his Roskill Masters swimming club, gathering ideas for the fundraising event they will carry out, and setting for the donation to be complete in the summer 2012.

Additional to this; early in the year (2012) Michael sent a donation to the school for sports equipment which included 3 footballs, 2 volleyballs and 1 handball (pictured to the right). The school were delighted in receiving these balls to help with their physical education and sports activities, the school have won many awards for their expertise in the sports department.

In July 2012 ACTS received the funds from the swimming club, once the funds were received quotes were collected for

the water tanks and materials that would be needed, the cost of insulation and labour. Once these were collected a proposal was structured based on the funds received to allocate the material needed for the size tanks that would be fitted. ACTS and the Deputy Head Teacher Margaret, went to buy the supplies on 24th July 2012 which included 3 x 6 litre water tanks, supplies for the gutters and the base of the water tank, the supplies were then delivered to the school that day, and the following morning the work of building the stone base for the tanks would begin. The week prior to this the areas were the water tanks would be fitted were dug ready for the base. The three areas of where the water tanks have been fitted, one take has been fitted outside the secondary unit, another by the cow sheds and the chapel and the third one by the girls’ dormitory.

On the 3rd August 2012 the work had been completed the stone bases had been built and the water tanks had been successfully fitted, now providing water to these three main areas. Please see the photos below.

Kambui School for the Deaf are extremely happy with the results, and are very thankful to Michael and the swimming club for their donation to the school, which will benefit the school and the children in many ways.

A very big thank you to Michael for the love and kindness he has shown to the children and the school as a whole. Thank you to the Roskill Masters swimming club for all their planning and hard work that has gone into fundraising the money for this water tank project, the school will continue to be thankful for the great work you have done.


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