My 6WEEKS in KENYA as an ACTS Volunteer

My name is Becky, I am currently volunteering with ACTS in their Kenya projects. I have spent 6 amazing weeks here so far and I have divided my time between the projects.

I have spent some time at LCC, a boarding house who also run a feeding project, where I have had the opportunity to spend time with some truly passionate people. My favorite moments have been when I have walked in on biblical debates, just being able to listen to different points of view and watch the passion rise up inside them really touches my heart. Their love, optimism and passion increasingly inspires me every time I am there and releases a new spark of awe for our amazing God! It has been so obvious that their passion for Jesus is passed onto the children who they happily serve, day and night. I have been lucky enough to spend some time with the teenagers who have been waiting to get into high school. The influence of the Mums is obvious, they love Christ! The faith of these young people puts me to shame and I have enjoyed learning from them and supporting them as they learn patience and trust in the Lord.

I have been spending some time at the Angels centre for abandoned babies. As someone who has always had a passion for children Angels has been a place where my heart has been working overtime. Every single child at the home has a heart breaking story which has challenged me daily. Every day I spend at Angels is spent giving them as much love as I can. I am constantly reminded of how important children are to the Lord as He places His compassion my heart for them.

I have used some of my time to support LCC-K branch, a pre-school which also hosts the feeding programme. LCC-K has allowed me to meet several children, all with very different stories, and support them in their learning. I spend my time supporting the teachers in class as well as the Mums in the kitchen to prepare lunch. I of course get to spend a lot of time with the children. Their happiness and enthusiasm for learning and life is inspiring. I have spent time with them, learning their songs and teaching them some of mine and together, we praise the Lord. Again, it is a wonderful place to be reminded of how the Lord loves children and of just how much we can learn from them.

I have also been taking weekly trips into Kibera to meet with the power women group for a bible study. We spend the morning preparing the Bible study thinking about questions and challenges the women in the bible are facing as well as how to make it relevant to the power-women. Every week, without fail, the Lord takes the Bible study and makes it exactly what He wants it to be. The women have taught me so much and their stories have touched my heart and challenged me in my personal walk with Christ. The faith shown by these women is simply amazing. The Lord has done some wonderful things with them and I have faith that His work is not done.

When I came to Kenya, I came to serve, to teach and to love. I have done my best to serve in every project, I hope that I have shared some wisdom and I have been so overflowing with Christ’s passion and love that I have no doubt I have loved. However, I have learnt a lot more than I ever anticipated and I have been shown love by everyone I have met. So, when I was asked to write a little something about my time here I honestly could not imagine telling you anything that I have done, because the Lord is doing so much here it just would not be right.


  • Shelly Steele

    It is good to U Becky in action. We had a Great time together in The Acts House! Missing LCC & LCCK ,Angels and Maureen! I miss Kenya! Praying for You all and Telling everyone at Home about Our Adventures with Sammy And At The Massi Market! <3 May God continue to Bless You!

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