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We have posted an update on some of the feedback from volunteers after their visit to projects in Kenya. We figured their experiences may spark some interest with some, so we are sharing information on the projects they were involved in. Feel free to browse our website for more or to contact us if you need additional information.

Limuru Children’s Centre (LCC) was established to serve orphaned and vulnerable children in the Limuru area. It provides a boarding home as well as daily feeding programme to these children – coupled with the extremely necessary love, support and basic needs that over 150 children so greatly need. Whilst volunteering at LCC, you may have the opportunity to assist with daily preparation of meals, enjoy a bit of football and other games with the children, or even help with practical projects such as painting, building, and chopping wood.

Angels Home for Abandoned Babies
Angels Home for Abandoned Babies was initiated by a local Kenyan woman. Her passion was to care for abandoned children, providing them with more than just the basic needs. Currently, Angels is a home for ten babies, and growing. Volunteering at Angels, you will work with a team of “Mamas” to lighten their daily load. This would involve activities such as nappy changing, feeding, and bathing. Your role is also to give these babies love through simple interaction with babies, which includes holding them, reading to them, facilitating developmental growth, etc.

The Power Women’s Group
The Power Women’s Group is a support group of 15 HIV positive women. These amazing women have come together to support each through the challenges that come with living with HIV. The group promotes finding ways to deal with their sickness, as well as how to provide for themselves and their families. Tackling these challenges, they have established a business selling their handmade crafts from a small shop on the outskirts of the Kibera slums. Their business provides support for these women, with savings set aside for emergency medical needs, school fees, and the maintenance of the business.

LCC-K (a branch of LCC):
The LCC-K was founded as a sub branch and outreach of L.C.C. The project involves a feeding program and offers pre-school education to prepare children for their next level of schooling. The children they cater for are between the ages of 4–7 years and live in the Kamirithu area. The centre has around 60 students in 3 classes, and teachers are grateful for any assistance in their classrooms. Volunteers can get involved by helping teachers with regular lessons or by adding lessons in music, art, etc. Mid-day meals are also provided for many previous pre-scholars that have graduated to the primary level of education. Here volunteers can help in the preparation of these meals. Volunteers could also assist with practical improvements such as painting, fence building and other general repairs, etc.

These are just a few of the projects we work with and there are others that may be more appropriate for your passion. But all of them offer amazing learning experiences, and a chance to impact lives.


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