King’s College hits ‘Zimbabwe’

What would happen if a bunch of kids from across the world, were inspired to come together.

Raise a few dollars in whatever way they can…

Came all the way to Zimbabwe, to a school in the middle of nowhere….

To make a difference in the
lives of strangers…

After driving many hours from Johannesburg, experiencing the rough African roads and fun times having lunch under a random tree by the side of the road. Then braving a 9 hour drive to Gweru in Zimbabwe’s Midlands, where we stayed for six nights at Antelope Park, where lions are bred so they are ready to repopulate national parks all over Africa including the world famous Kruger in South Africa, and the Chobe National Park where we had been just a few days before.

It was from here that we carried out our volunteer and community service work. At the lion Sanctuary we prepared food and fed 85 lions, and also cleaned out the enclosures. For three days we also headed 40 kilometers away to Bunina Secondary School, a struggling school operating out of an old repossessed farm in the middle of the countryside, with very run down buildings and the focus of the fundraising we did before the trip.

Our work there ranged from digging a crop garden to painting walls, building benches so the students had something to sit on and repairing the windows. For all our hard work, the headmen from the local village came and presented us with a goat and although we didn’t quite know what to do with it, it was clearly a massive gesture to be given such a large chunk of what they own of any value. After a final game of soccer, with our Zimbabwean friends in their new King’s College Colours, we said goodbye to the students we had worked alongside, and it became hard to accept that we would probably never see them again. Being in the village and seeing how little the students had to their name really hit home for a lot of people and definitely changed our perspectives on not only the true meaning of poverty, but also a realisation that it is often those who have the least who are the most happy.

After our work in Gweru, we enjoyed some of the activities Antelope Park had to offer including walking with lions and playing with the cubs , and riding the elephants, before we headed back to South Africa for a relaxing evening at Tschipise hot pools on the last night of our adventure.


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