Top 6 Experiences in Africa

Cultural and Game Experience

Previously we shared some excellent places you could visit during your mission trip. But Africa has so much more to offer, we couldn’t resist giving you a few tips on what you absolutely must experience while you are here. So here goes -

1. Go on a Safari
Safari is derived from a Swahili word, meaning, “to journey.” And when visiting Africa you are definitely on a unique journey. Most people “journey” to Africa to see wildlife, and it is easy to understand why. East Africa and Southern Africa both offer excellent Big 5 Game Viewing. And if you are in East Africa during the right time (somewhere between July and September), you can witness the Great Migration. There is such a large variety in wildlife in Africa, and we recommend this as one of the top must-do activities.

Go on a Safari

2. Meet the people
It is no secret that Africa has diverse cultures. But you may never know just how diverse if you do not take the time to get to know them. During your mission or volunteer visit, you will have great opportunities to learn more about these cultures. For you to be able to impart on their lives, you need to understand the worldviews of the people you work with. It will be worth your while to try a couple of cultural experiences – like attending a ceremony or sharing traditional meals. Ultimately, your openness to receiving their knowledge, will aid you in your goal of sharing your love for Christ and leaving a lasting impression.

3. Relax on a Beach
Now, this may come as a surprise – but Africa does not just consist of Bushveld, open planes, forests and deserts. It is also home to some of the most pristine beaches in the world. The North Coast is widely known for its amazing beaches, but Africa’s East coast is not to be overlooked. The warm Indian Ocean and powder white beaches offer a relaxing beach breakaway, or several beach and water activities. To the South, you can view some African penguins or even go shark-cage diving. A day or two on the beach is an ideal opportunity to unwind and reflect on your time spent on outreaches during your visit.

4. Find an Adventure
Ok, travelling miles away from home to a possibly unknown town or city, on an entirely different continent is, for most, an adventure in itself. But during your visit you will find if you look a little further, there are many more great adventure thrills to enjoy and you won’t regret it! White water rafting in the mighty Zambezi with the Victoria Falls in the background, bungee jump off bridges, hike up some extreme mountains or explore one of the several hiking trails. Whether you are in Southern or East Africa, you will easily find an unforgettable adventure.

5. Enjoy a bit of history
To some history, on all counts, may seem a little boring. But Africa’s history will intrigue even those who feel they have no interest. From the origins of man to the slave trade, to explorers venturing through the treacherous waters of the Cape of Good Hope to reach the Southern tip of Africa. Tales of hardships, endurance, exploration and pioneering – all relate to who we are today. People surviving in nature, building amazing societies and then sometimes these remnants tell of lost societies. Inspirational men like Nelson Mandela, his journey, a nation’s transformation – stories found in places like the Apartheid’s Museum and Robben Island. There is a story to tell in each part of Africa – and it is worth hearing it!

6. Making your time count
While you gain a lot from the time spent in Africa, your visit is just so much more valuable if you know that you have contributed in some or other way. A good way to do so is to take part in sustainable projects as a volunteer or during a short missions trip. Besides imparting spiritually, you have an opportunity to practically get involved. Through this experience you will also have a deeper understanding of their cultures and way of life. The truth is – you will end up learning almost as much, if not more, than what you teach or contribute.

These are the six experiences that we would like to share with you and we could easily help you arrange during your mission or volunteer time in Africa – While each person is unique and interests differ, we feel these experiences are sure to talk a universal language of how special Africa is and will unquestionably leave you with many new impressions on life.


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