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We always value feedback from volunteers or individuals on missions, as this is where we learn about the life-changing moments on these trips – impacting both visitors and locals involved.
We recently asked for some feedback from some of our volunteers in Kenya, involving the Limuru Children’s Centre (LCC), the LCC-K (located in Kamirithu area, Angels Home for Abandoned Babies and the Power Women’s Group.

Each project has its own unique challenges with amazing opportunities to share, love and learn. And these projects either orphaned children, or children in need of love; or women who are faced with the complications that come with living with HIV. Roles vary from hands-on practical help, like painting, fence building or other maintenance and repairs to simply helping with everyday tasks and being the caring hands that show children love.

Glen and Gabrielle Fury are a couple from Australia, Glen a Software Engineer and Gabrielle is a librarian. They have both learnt more than they expected during their time on projects, especially on how close God is to those who face extreme hardships. “The people I met in Kenya, the people from the projects, they have less material wealth, they even have few Bibles. However the church services, and their day to day faith is something that sustains them and is part of how they behave.
What I would like to do is to take that example and make it part of my life every day.” Glen Fury

“They have such an intimate relationship with the Lord, they rely on Him and Him alone, He is the first place they turn to when they are in need or at a crossroad, they seek Him and they ask Him and they open their hearts so freely to Him. As a result the Lord draws them close because they have a desire to have a close relationship with Him. I now feel that desire to have a closer relationship with the Lord, he has revealed the peace and contentment the Power Women have despite their lack of material wealth they are truly rich spiritually.” Gabrielle Fury

They have also learnt about how relative life is. Lauren Kawano, a college freshman from Hawaii, summarized it beautifully: “[God] really showed me just how blessed I am to have all that I do back home. I try to be grateful for everyday, for that is enough with Him.”
We really appreciate the insightful feedback and that you were willing to share your stories with us. Please feel free to let us know if you have experiences to share from your trip, or if you are interested in any of these or other projects.


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