A blessed mission and a wedding

The First Baptist Church of Jacksonville came to visit us for the second time this year. The group spent a week in Hatcliff teaching the community about health, business, marriage and lifestyles and linking it all to the gospel. They used every opportunity to share love – playing with the children, visiting people in their homes, and praying for them wherever they went.

A highlight of the trip was a night of worship under the stars, where several individuals came to know Christ. The group was received extremely well, with many of the locals inviting the team into their homes to share a meal with them. This gesture is of course a sign of acceptance and appreciation. Both the team and the community were truly blessed.

The team spent the last night of their trip at Chengeta Safari lodge. It turned out to be another special evening, when during a safari trip a couple in the team, Nic and Alex, surprised everyone…. Without warning, they walked up to a tree and asked their pastor to wed them – right there and then! It was a beautiful sunset wedding and a perfect way to end the trip!


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