An eventful year for the new Team House

In June of this year, we shared the news that the new Team House opened its doors in Zimbabwe. The home is an extension of the Team House based in Cape Town. It is aimed at hosting ACTS volunteer and missionary teams as part of fulfilling  our mission of taking the logistical burden off teams, leaving them to focus on their work at hand.

Seven months have since passed, and many changes have already been made to improve this home.  We thought we’d give you a quick update don the progress of the Zimbabwe Team House.

Changes and renovations to the house has made it almost unrecognizable to what it was. Several teams have come and gone, calling the house their home. So the Team House has officially been inducted as a part of the ACTS family.

But it has not been without its challenges. Drought in the are left many guests literally ‘high and dry’, and the lack of water also meant cold showers. Of course many did not really enjoy this part – and some members were apparently spotted sneaking out at night with the hopes of catching a warm shower.

Times were tough, but with the coming of the rains, we are confident we will soon be clear of the water wars. On the up side, these are the things that make the experience even more memorable!

The house pretty quiet after a busy year, with only one or two small groups visiting. This does give us time to make preparations for the coming year and we trust God for this to be a good one!


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