Farewell Madiba!


On the evening of the fifth of December, South Africa received the sad news that Nelson Mandela passed away.

This is an evening that will surely be remembered by the nation and the world. Nelson Mandela was not just a great man or a political leader, he was a father figure to South Africa. He has not left us empty-handed though – he has left us with a legacy.

During this time of reflection, we must ask ourselves why has a single man had such an impact on the world? History is filled with men who were imprisoned for what they believe in. And there have been many great political leaders…

But Nelson Rolihahla Mandela was more than a man who lived his beliefs, who was jailed for his actions to support those beliefs and who in fact fought to extreme measures, for what he believed was right. The power in Mandela’s legacy does not lie herein; the power lies in his absolute forgiveness of those who wronged him. And the strength in his leadership was locked in his absolute humility.

And this is what we can learn from – a humble leader who lived by an example of unconditional love and forgiveness. The way Jesus would want us all to live.


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