Living Hope: The Documentary

living hope

Our Southern Africa MD, Michael Massingham, is currently in the U.S. promoting an inspirational documentary on Living Hope.

ACTS has had a close relationship with Living Hope for many years and as one of our partner projects we are proud to be a part of this.

Living Hope’s focus is on reaching people for Christ, bringing hope to them and breaking the despair caused by poverty and disease. Their mission is to spread the Gospel in such a manner that it changes lives and encourages people to follow Him. They also play an essential role in looking after, preventing, treating and supporting all those affected by HIV/AIDS and other debilitating chronic illnesses. The project contributes to community development through education, social and health related programs.

The documentary shares the God-inspired story of how Living Hope began and how God is making a difference daily through their projects.

Mike joins Living Hope in launching this documentary at different locations in the U.S.A. We pray and believe that this documentary will carry on and proliferate the good work Living Hope is already doing in changing the world for Christ.

“I am trusting that the Lord will use this to thrust out labourers into the harvest field and that the Kingdom of God will grow through the movie.” – John Thomas, founder and current chairman of Living Hope

Living Hope: The documentary


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