The Team House (Cape Town) gets a facelift

Team House

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint and a bit of creative genius… This was demonstrated by the new and fresh look that was revealed at the Cape Town Team House in January.

The question is how do you improve on what is already a home away from home to so many? It all started with the new extension of the Team House. Drawing inspiration from the spectacular sea views the cool and calm colours and design elements brought a new feel to the house. What used to be offices, a TV room and lounge had now become mini Team House, with 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and dining area. Construction started in April 2013 and was completed within a flash. But this would prove to be just the start of renovations.

In January 2014, the furniture was moved around a little and the painting began. Using the same tones and earthy elements, the new dining room and lounge came into being. With everything in place, the dining room has now moved to the previous lounge section, and the lounge is now a much bigger relaxation area with the best views of the ocean as a backdrop. This also means the old and the new section now meets in the middle at the dining room table.

The good news is that the food is still prepared by the same amazing chef (Nadine Monk) and the ice-cream box is still there. And even better news is that Nadine now has a new oven and bigger kitchen counter tops, which can only mean more of her good food. And who ever said too much of a good thing is bad!

As always, we would love to host your team – we hope to see you soon!


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