Our first Webinar!

On 10 April 2014, three of our regional offices came together to present our first Webinar to a live audience.

The build up to this moment was admittedly stressful – not due to the content, as we know our stuff – but rather because of the technical obstacles we face in Africa. So it also ended up that we could not have our Kenya volunteer coordinator participate directly, but she was represented as well as possible, and definitely there in spirit.

The topic was Christian Volunteering opportunities in Africa and we presented our annual volunteer projects as the perfect starting point for anyone who would like to volunteer. We had an overview of all our projects, in Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa, from what volunteers will be doing to where they will be staying. We also touched on fundraising for volunteering – as we find to many, this becomes a big hindrance. And to conclude we gave a few thoughts on safety in Africa.

We are so thankful for all those who registered, all those who signed in and all those who are still planning to listen/watch our Webinar.

You can find the uploaded file just below – happy watching!

Webinar Christian Volunteering Opportunities in Africa


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