All Roads Lead to Rome

trip stream

Groups who have passed through recently may have received a little social media flyer with all our social media handles and pages. We have been working really hard on our social media platforms, primarily to have a space where we can share experiences and thoughts. Also to exchange ideas… But what many of you may not know is that all our platforms are linked and come together on our website under #tripstream…

So when you post to Instagram and tag #ACTSAfrica, or post #ACTSAfrica on Twitter @ACTS_Africa, and also #ACTSAfrica on our Facebook Page- your post pulls through to this page.

This means – all roads really do lead to Rome, albeit our Social Media Streaming Page in this case, no matter which social media platform you prefer.

So please tag us during your travels or share previous moments in Africa. It is the most powerful way to show how outreaches in Africa impact all those involved.

Visit our #TripStream Page.


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