Summer Project

Summer Project

The time has finally arrived for our Summer Projects in Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa. With Kenya and Zimbabwe Projects starting in May already and Cape Town in June – we are excited to receive feedback from volunteers and believe that these few weeks spent in Africa on projects would make a meaningful difference to both volunteers and communities involved.

We would love to hear back from all Volunteers and hopefully once the projects have come to a completion, we will be able to share experiences from all participants. But for now, here is a sneak-peak on some of our volunteers at Living Hope in Cape Town, and feedback on their experiences so far:

Jessica Flack:
“This trip has been eye opening and a dream come true. I enjoy walking into work everyday to see these children smile. Not only do the kids make this all worth it, but the excursions on weekends are really something to look forward to. We are making memories that will last for a lifetime. Thank you ACTS Africa. Especially Jono and Lulu.

“I enjoy this because I am able to serve in a great ministry; having someone facilitate our logistics helps us focus on the ministry.”

We look forward to more feedback and will share it with you soon!


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