This is what we do

Many of you may be all too familiar with the summer volunteer projects that we host and market every year, and perhaps also the safaris we arrange for many Christian groups and volunteers.

But these are only two aspects of what we do, and we thought it important to share our core functions with you – just to make sure everyone knows about them.

At ACTS Africa, we are passionate about connecting people who serve God with people who are in need of God’s love. This we mean in a practical way. We contribute to making it happen through taking care of the logistics on behalf of a missionary group. We literally arrange everything from accommodation to transport to your bed at night. We also link groups with relevant ministry partners where needed. This means we can play an active role in making ministry less complicated for teams.

The featured video clip was kindly shared with us via Living Hope, our Ministry Partner. This is a sample of one of the groups we have been hosting for several years.

But we are not only about logistics. As an organisation, we also aim to serve Christ through our involvement with projects, and therefore we are actively involved with grassroots projects that speak directly to the urgent needs of our regions. We work with and alongside existing local, church-based initiatives. We believe in a responsible ‘hand-up’ rather than ‘hand-out’ approach to solving challenges in our local communities. Through these active partnerships we are able to link mission groups and individual volunteer to sustainable projects that have both a lasting spiritual and practical impact.

We are based in four regional offices – South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania. We are therefore privileged to be in touch with our relevant partners on a ground level, making sure that we know our teams work with projects that have a real impact.

In short – when you think of ACTS, it is important to see the bigger picture. It is a lot less complicated to understand our services, if you see our vision, which is: joining Christ’s followers in Africa with believers from around the world in reaching individuals and communities with the love of God and furthering the Kingdom of God. Everything we do aims to facilitate this, and ‘this is what we do.’


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