New Years Resolutions – refresh your way of thinking

New Years

By this time of the many of you would have made and broken New Years Resolutions… So what is the point of them? And is it something we as Christians should avoid or could it be part of our spiritual reflection for the year?

There probably are many theological arguments for both. We are not about to attempt to argue for or against either. But let’s rather draw from the principal. Here are five goals you can set for yourself weekly – to guide you and help you stay focused on your walk with God and refresh your way of thinking.

1. Read your Bible
Start each day by reflecting in the Word of God. This will keep you focused on Him and more importantly, keep you in touch with His will for your life. Whether you have an hour or five minutes, the Bible offers a wealth of knowledge and a moment to draw strength for each day.

2. Stay calm

Stress and anxiety is not from the Lord. He wants our minds to be at peace/ Isaiah 26v3 says that God will “guard [you] and keep [you] in perfect and constant peace…whose mind is stayed on [Him].” So make sure to stay calm and trust in Him.

3. Look up
Life has become so busy! Technology advances to save us time, but it also means that we are expected to be available 24/7 through our smartphones. With all the various platforms, even if you have no reception – if you have internet anyone can reach you! Make a habit of it to switch off your electronics once a week! Look up and enjoy time with family without interruptions.

4. Purify yourself
This is always a good idea! Get rid of nasty habits that you know is detracting from your quality of life. Smoking, emotional eating or even speaking in negatively… All these things have an impact on your state of mind and your life. So each week decide to exchange bad habits for good ones.

5. Pray
This should be last and first! Prayer should form part of your entire day. Through sharing your innermost thoughts with God, you are building on your relationship with him. This plants you firmly in Christ and is sure to keep you close to His will for your life.

You can add your own goals if you’d like, but these create a good framework to start your own resolutions – and they do not expire when you break them. Rather refresh them each week, so that it may become part of your life.


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