10-year plan to reach Tanzania for Jesus


The Tanzania Assembly of God (TAG) is in the middle of a tremendous 10-year plan to reach Tanzania for Jesus. While the plan is empowering all areas of the church, they have placed a strategic emphasis on strengthening struggling and developing sections of Tanzania. These efforts have caught the eye of the western church. As financial resources enter the country to meet the needs of the growing church, donors want to do more than just write a cheque. They want to physically be part of the project.

Because the areas of most need are often very remote, the task of hosting a building or ministry team is quite large. Transportation, food, shower and toilet facilities are all a part of estimating the viability of the team and often these costs make the overall trip too much to handle. For these reasons, I had turned down several teams or redirected them to areas that could accommodate the needs of western guests.

When I met Adrian Maarschalk and his team at ACTS, I realised that if they could provide what they said they could, I would be able to step into a win-win situation. The TAG would benefit from the extra help a team could provide, the team would get to experience an often “unseen” part of Tanzania and ACTS would be at the centre of making it all happen.

In the past 10 months, I have been able to host 3 teams in very different areas of Tanzania. Each team was amazed by the service and hospitality of the ACTS team. The arrangement of the camp, the quality of the food and simple warm shower after a long day of work took all of my teams by surprise. As a leader of these teams, my main goal is to keep my guests happy and comfortable. That is exactly what ACTS has helped provide.

This of course all leads to a more effective team working on the ground, getting more work done and generally boosting the overall sense of accomplishment. With the help of these teams, the TAG will be able to train over 300 pastors every year at the Church Planting Schools we have built. This has been made possible through the combined effort of the TAG teams from the United States and the service provided by ACTS.


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