About Us

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The vision of ACTS is to build a bridge joining Christ’s followers in Africa with believers from around the world, in reaching individuals and communities with the love of God and furthering the Kingdom of God by:

  • Being a ‘one stop’ facilitator of logistics for missions teams looking to serve in Southern and East Africa.
  • Providing and facilitating effective Christian volunteer placements in Africa.
  • Providing holidays and tours for Christian groups and individuals in Africa.
  • Seeing the release of Kingdom finance for the extension of evangelical Christian projects and workers in Africa.

Why choose ACTS?

  • We are passionate about Africa and God’s plan of salvation for its people
  • We work alongside local organizations, churches and missionaries for accountability and sustainability purposes
  • ACTS gives 10% of our received funds back towards ministry in Africa
  • ACTS can handle your trip from start to finish (all-inclusive packages)
  • We correspond within 48 hours
  • We have over 25 years experience working in Africa
  • ACTS facilitates over 3000 Christian volunteers annually
  • We currently operate from 3 regional offices, namely Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe