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Bikes & Birds at Brackenhurst


Brackenhurst Birdwatching

Around ten years ago, Brackenhurst began an intensive indigenous forest restoration project. As such, the bird list around the grounds has jumped from about 30 resident species to well over 140.  Possible species on your walk around Brackenhurst include 12 different sunbird species including the sought after Golden-winged Sunbird, as well as the near endemic Hunter’s Cisticola, Cinnamon Bracken Warbler, Silvery-cheeked Hornbill and many more.

Brackenhurst, in conjunction with African Birding Safaris, is now offering guided bird walks around the extensive Brackenhurst grounds, the surrounding forests and short excursions to the wetlands around Limuru (Manguo swamp etc.).  Our guides have years of guiding experience and are passionate about birds.

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Medical mission in Zimbabwe


This year our ACTS Harare team has had the privilege to host a medical missionary team that flew in from Louisiana. The team travelled with medical supplies and equipment all the way from the United States and landed in Harare ready to go out for days of intensive work. On the team of 16 were two veterinarians, a surgeon, nurses, doctors and some non-medical church members (including 3 teenagers) who were there to offer whatever support they could give. This team was joined by a local doctor and his team of four as well as a pastor affiliated to the Baptist Mission in Zimbabwe.

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A practical guide to your missions trip in Africa

Practical guide

Travel to any country can be exciting, but daunting! To help you prep for your mission trip to Africa, we thought it good to put together a few practical tips to help you prepare for your departure.

When you get to the packing stage, your passport and relevant travel documents should already be in your possession. Important things to remember include your passport, a copy of your passport (certified if possible) and any inoculation documents. Do not pack your birth certificate or similar documents as this is unnecessary and a risk should you lose them. A good way to make sure you have back-up for your documents is to place them in your carry-on luggage (separate from your originals), give copies to your group leader or email it to your travel consultant.

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Volunteer projects for 2015

Kids Praise

The time has finally arrived for the announcement of our 2015 Volunteer Project dates.

We know volunteers have been waiting on the edge of their seats for the new dates, to see where and when they could join next year. As has become tradition, we have volunteer projects that run between May and July (depending on the length of the project) within our three regions, namely Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Each year we aim to make the projects more accessible in both price and through the application process. And the priority will always be our communities who are supported through these projects. We are committed to responsible volunteering and make sure that the projects you work with will give you the chance not only to share the Gospel, but to share Christ’s love in a practical way. For many this experience ends up being one of spiritual growth and more of an exchange, rather than a one-sided experience.

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Kenya takes on a new project


Team House, Kenya. We first met Charles the headmaster and sole teacher at Pages School in Karanjee, Kenya after hearing of his reputation. Teachers at our senior project Limuru Children Centre-Kindergarten gave testimony of his inspiring passion for teaching despite challenges.

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We love to hear from you…

Share with us

At ACTS our passion is to assist Christ followers in serving God on our continent. We want to ensure that everything is taken care of on the behalf of visiting volunteers and teams, so that you can focus on your ministry/work. We are also very proud of our continent and this is what we hope to share with you – making your experience the best possible African experience you can have.

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Reaching out Responsibly

Reaching Out

1 Thessalonians 2:8 “…so we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.”

We all know missions and Christian Volunteering are about reaching out to others, sharing the love of Christ and expanding his Kingdom. Part of this entails actions that physically improve the lives of impoverished communities. This forms part of showing God’s love in a tangible way.

This is exciting stuff and a good way to make a difference in the lives of others, whether it involves building new structures, providing food, education or much needed love and attention. But before you set out on your mission or volunteering, it is important to take a moment and make sure that your ‘call to action’ is realized in a real life-changing way and that you are in fact reaching out responsibly.

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How to plan your mission – 7 Steps to follow

A mission trip to Africa can be a life-changing experience – for you and the community you work with. To help you achieve this great impact, we’ve put together a short step-by-step guide on ‘how to plan your mission.’ This is by no means extensive, but it does give you a good foundation to get you going, covering the basics of planning your mission trip.

The steps will help you gather your thoughts and information you need and you can fill in the details.

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What we’ve learnt…

power women group featured pic[1]

We always value feedback from volunteers or individuals on missions, as this is where we learn about the life-changing moments on these trips – impacting both visitors and locals involved.
We recently asked for some feedback from some of our volunteers in Kenya, involving the Limuru Children’s Centre (LCC), the LCC-K (located in Kamirithu area, Angels Home for Abandoned Babies and the Power Women’s Group.

Each project has its own unique challenges with amazing opportunities to share, love and learn. And these projects either orphaned children, or children in need of love; or women who are faced with the complications that come with living with HIV. Roles vary from hands-on practical help, like painting, fence building or other maintenance and repairs to simply helping with everyday tasks and being the caring hands that show children love.

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First Baptist Senior Choir tour to South Africa 2013

FBC Newman at St Johns

ACTS had the absolute privilege of serving this amazing group by helping to arrange some of their logistics. Here is a look at what they got up to on a day-by-day basis:

Day 2

Short night of sleep and up and a’ tem to the Lion Park to see the endangered White Lions, to even pet them and to feed the giraffes. We’ve seen more lions today than in our entire lives. The rest of the group were able to exchange money at the bank and then it was off to Lesedi (cultural center). We were able to see how 5 of the tribes of South Africa live, cooking techniques and methods of hunting. The tribes sang and danced for us and then we were able to sing for them. Afterwards we had a South African feast with ostrich, crocodile, lamb and chicken. It’s been an extremely long and we are all ready to crash. We begin home worship services in the morning with Pastor Raphael and the Bellvue church.

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