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A New Way Forward for the Maasai Mara

2015_09_10-On the Deck-Newsletter

The Maasai Mara is Kenya’s signature tourism destination, yet it is often criticized for receiving too many visitors, its sprawling trading centres with rising numbers of people and livestock, and the huge amount of unregulated camps and lodges.

In response to these concerns, a new collaborative partnership is developing. Driven by the umbrella regional organization, Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association (MMWCA), the collaboration will forge a new way forward, promoting a tourism experience in the conservancies worthy of the global brand of the Maasai

Representatives of Mara conservancies planning for new Maasai Mara strategies (photo by Daniel Hernandez Salazar)

Last week, in the middle of the Mara, representatives from the Mara conservancies joined with other key parties like private Maasai landowners, the Mara tourism sector, Maasai Mara University, international conservation NGOs, Kenya Wildlife Service, and Narok County Government to develop a vision and road map to tackle some of the major issues facing Kenya’s crown jewel.

The forum, organized by MMWCA in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, identified both challenges and potential solutions to the issues faced by the Maasai Mara region. Everything was considered from the rising population of people, to the quality of the grasslands for grazing, and the decline of the Mara-Loita wildebeest migration, which scientific research has shown to have been reduced by 82%.

We’re proud to say that ACTS Africa Director, Sean Anderson, has joined the forum in his role as Chairman of Naboisho Conservancy. Established in 2010, the Naboisho Conservancy protects 51,000 acres of land and benefits 554 Maasai landowners.

Strategic planning (photo by Daniel Hernandez Salazar)

Sean believes that the forum is incredibly important in terms of developing a framework for a Conservation Plan. He explains, “Since the beginning of Naboisho, I’ve been involved as a tourism partner. I’ve been absolutely blown away by the vision of the local community, bringing together investors and landowners as one team to create a business model that is cutting edge, providing quality eco- and community-based tourism. All the conservancies, communities, and tourist operators across the greater Mara face the same challenges. From a tourism perspective, if we are going to succeed in creating a world-class product for Kenya, that is regarded as a priority safari destination for tourists, then we have to have a plan bringing us all together on the same page and making us pull in the same direction. This week we will have created the basis for that plan”.

We are excited to follow the MMWCA’s progress in the Maasai Mara!

Do you think this forum will be of benefit to tourism and conservation in the Maasai Mara? Let us know your thought in the comments below.

Photographs credited to Daniel Hernandez Salazar

10-year plan to reach Tanzania for Jesus


The Tanzania Assembly of God (TAG) is in the middle of a tremendous 10-year plan to reach Tanzania for Jesus. While the plan is empowering all areas of the church, they have placed a strategic emphasis on strengthening struggling and developing sections of Tanzania. These efforts have caught the eye of the western church. As financial resources enter the country to meet the needs of the growing church, donors want to do more than just write a cheque. They want to physically be part of the project.

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A guide to Kenya’s new online visa applications


If you’re planning a trip to Kenya, please take note that all visa applications will now be done online. As of 2 July 2015, the Kenyan government will have a new eCitizen electronic visa application process for tourists wishing to holiday in Kenya, as well as travellers in transit.

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When strangers become family

The Engedi group arrived as strangers and departed as family.

A family reunion…that was the phrase used to describe the essence of the Engedi group’s time together in South Africa on Experience Africa 2015.

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New South African law on travelling with under 18’s

School group

After an initial postponement, on 1st June 2015 a new law will be implemented whereby all minors under the age of 18 years will be required to produce, in addition to their passport, an Unabridged Birth Certificate (showing the particulars of both parents) when exiting and entering South African ports of entry.

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New Years Resolutions – refresh your way of thinking

New Years

By this time of the many of you would have made and broken New Years Resolutions… So what is the point of them? And is it something we as Christians should avoid or could it be part of our spiritual reflection for the year?

There probably are many theological arguments for both. We are not about to attempt to argue for or against either. But let’s rather draw from the principal. Here are five goals you can set for yourself weekly – to guide you and help you stay focused on your walk with God and refresh your way of thinking.

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ACTS of Education

Woodland Star School

If you are familiar with the ACTS group, you would probably either associate us with missionary logistics or safaris. As ACTS, we believe we exist to change lives through experiences in Africa. What this means is that we are not only aiming to be a logistical partner of choice in missions – bringing people to astounding and responsible accommodation facilities – we are also aiming to have an impact on all involved. Our long-term goal is to contribute to the regeneration of Africa as a continent.

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What does it mean to be a missionary?


The word ‘missionary’ comes from the Latin word missionem ‘act of sending’ or mittere, which means ‘to send’. So being a missionary automatically has to mean that it is about a person being sent somewhere to do something.

In the Christian faith, missionaries are sent by Christ through the church, into the world, so that they can help ‘seek and save the lost’ as Jesus did (Luke 19v11). It is not just about sharing the gospel, but also about seeing that those who accept the Gospel start to follow Christ, becoming disciples. In essence this is Evangelism. Missionaries can be sent far away, or they can play an important role in community nearby.

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Volunteers making a difference

Andrea Huber 3

Kenya, Limuru – Andrea Huber is a volunteer who is piloting Limuru Children Centre’s first counselling program. For orphanages like those at LCC, a counselling program can be a major resource for kids who have gone through various traumas. Andrea is also helping standardise a development assessment for the baby home.

She came to Kenya as an individual volunteer with degrees in psychology and occupational therapy and is utilising her skills in the most amazing ways. This is the magic – when collaboration between project, volunteer coordinator and volunteer really pay off.

“It has been an honor to work with these kids and help them feel God’s love as they cope with personal hardships. I encourage them to smile, laugh, and have fun – it is amazing to be a part of their healing process”
-Andrea Huber, ACTS Kenya volunteer at Limuru Children’s Centre

Encounter Mara has done it again!

Encounter Mara Safari Camp

We are proud to announce that our Sister Company, Encounter Mara Safari Camp, has won the World Traveller’s Award for being Kenya’s Leading Tented Camp three years in a row. Encounter Mara is a classic tented eco-camp set on the banks of the Olmorjoi River in the exclusive Mara Naboisho Conservancy, part of Kenya’s famous Maasai Mara, and home to the famous wildebeest and zebra migration.

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