New Years Resolutions – refresh your way of thinking

New Years

By this time of the many of you would have made and broken New Years Resolutions… So what is the point of them? And is it something we as Christians should avoid or could it be part of our spiritual reflection for the year?

There probably are many theological arguments for both. We are not about to attempt to argue for or against either. But let’s rather draw from the principal. Here are five goals you can set for yourself weekly – to guide you and help you stay focused on your walk with God and refresh your way of thinking.

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A practical guide to your missions trip in Africa

Practical guide

Travel to any country can be exciting, but daunting! To help you prep for your mission trip to Africa, we thought it good to put together a few practical tips to help you prepare for your departure.

When you get to the packing stage, your passport and relevant travel documents should already be in your possession. Important things to remember include your passport, a copy of your passport (certified if possible) and any inoculation documents. Do not pack your birth certificate or similar documents as this is unnecessary and a risk should you lose them. A good way to make sure you have back-up for your documents is to place them in your carry-on luggage (separate from your originals), give copies to your group leader or email it to your travel consultant.

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Ebola Update


It’s been almost a year since the latest Ebola Virus Outbreak started. And it has been a tough year; for both the infected countries, as well as surrounding countries. In fact, the whole continent of Africa has suffered in some shape or form.

Even though the virus was isolated to the Western part of Africa, the fear of Ebola has had a knock on affect in industries further south – especially within the tourism sector. And the sad reality is that it is completely unnecessary. The virus is slowly becoming more contained, with new predictions by the John Drake University of Georgia indicating that the crisis could be at an end by June 2015. The reality, however, is that the damages of the virus have been so far reaching that the impact will most probably be felt over the next two years at least.

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ACTS of Education

Woodland Star School

If you are familiar with the ACTS group, you would probably either associate us with missionary logistics or safaris. As ACTS, we believe we exist to change lives through experiences in Africa. What this means is that we are not only aiming to be a logistical partner of choice in missions – bringing people to astounding and responsible accommodation facilities – we are also aiming to have an impact on all involved. Our long-term goal is to contribute to the regeneration of Africa as a continent.

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Volunteer projects for 2015

Kids Praise

The time has finally arrived for the announcement of our 2015 Volunteer Project dates.

We know volunteers have been waiting on the edge of their seats for the new dates, to see where and when they could join next year. As has become tradition, we have volunteer projects that run between May and July (depending on the length of the project) within our three regions, namely Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Each year we aim to make the projects more accessible in both price and through the application process. And the priority will always be our communities who are supported through these projects. We are committed to responsible volunteering and make sure that the projects you work with will give you the chance not only to share the Gospel, but to share Christ’s love in a practical way. For many this experience ends up being one of spiritual growth and more of an exchange, rather than a one-sided experience.

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What does it mean to be a missionary?


The word ‘missionary’ comes from the Latin word missionem ‘act of sending’ or mittere, which means ‘to send’. So being a missionary automatically has to mean that it is about a person being sent somewhere to do something.

In the Christian faith, missionaries are sent by Christ through the church, into the world, so that they can help ‘seek and save the lost’ as Jesus did (Luke 19v11). It is not just about sharing the gospel, but also about seeing that those who accept the Gospel start to follow Christ, becoming disciples. In essence this is Evangelism. Missionaries can be sent far away, or they can play an important role in community nearby.

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Volunteers making a difference

Andrea Huber 3

Kenya, Limuru – Andrea Huber is a volunteer who is piloting Limuru Children Centre’s first counselling program. For orphanages like those at LCC, a counselling program can be a major resource for kids who have gone through various traumas. Andrea is also helping standardise a development assessment for the baby home.

She came to Kenya as an individual volunteer with degrees in psychology and occupational therapy and is utilising her skills in the most amazing ways. This is the magic – when collaboration between project, volunteer coordinator and volunteer really pay off.

“It has been an honor to work with these kids and help them feel God’s love as they cope with personal hardships. I encourage them to smile, laugh, and have fun – it is amazing to be a part of their healing process”
-Andrea Huber, ACTS Kenya volunteer at Limuru Children’s Centre

Encounter Mara has done it again!

Encounter Mara Safari Camp

We are proud to announce that our Sister Company, Encounter Mara Safari Camp, has won the World Traveller’s Award for being Kenya’s Leading Tented Camp three years in a row. Encounter Mara is a classic tented eco-camp set on the banks of the Olmorjoi River in the exclusive Mara Naboisho Conservancy, part of Kenya’s famous Maasai Mara, and home to the famous wildebeest and zebra migration.

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Overcoming culture shock on your mission trip

Overcoming Culture Shock

culture shock
noun: culture shock

the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes. Wikipedia

The term culture shock is one many missionaries and volunteers would come across before their travels to a new destination and in many cases it remains only a ‘term’ or concept on a piece of paper. But if you understand what it is about and how to recognise it, it may be an important issue to address in order for you to contribute and serve with your whole heart during your outreach.

In Thomas Hale’s book, ‘On being a missionary’, he addresses culture shock in a practical way. The bottom line is that if it is not recognised and dealt with, many volunteers in the mission field end up leaving sooner than they planned.

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Kenya takes on a new project


Team House, Kenya. We first met Charles the headmaster and sole teacher at Pages School in Karanjee, Kenya after hearing of his reputation. Teachers at our senior project Limuru Children Centre-Kindergarten gave testimony of his inspiring passion for teaching despite challenges.

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