Kenya Volunteer Project

Where: Limuru, Kenya
Minimum age: 18
Dates of 4 Week Volunteer Project: 17 June – 15 July 2018
Price: US $1795
*SPECIAL OFFER – Secure your placement before 31 January 2018 and get US $100 discount

Situated on the equator of Africa’s east coast, Kenya offers beautiful landscapes, amazing wildlife and an ethnic diversity that has produced a vibrant culture. Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, is the country’s principal economic, administrative, and cultural centre and is one of the largest and fastest growing cities in Africa.

Just 30km north of bustling Nairobi, amidst the beautiful tea plantations of the Kenyan highlands, lies Limuru, a community operating at a much slower pace of life than the nearby capital. You will be spending your time as a volunteer in both Nairobi and Limuru, which will give you a diverse experience of life in Kenya.

Kenya’s population is hugely affected by the struggles of poverty, unemployment and HIV/AIDS. There are currently over 1.5 million people in Kenya living with HIV/AIDS, with a staggering 1.2 million additional orphans due to virus. There are various places with countless possibilities to impact the lives of those that are affected by this myriad of problems, such as the Nairobi slums, surrounding orphanages, schools and clinics.

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The exact ministry schedule will be determined by the ACTS team and the various community partners and will be adjusted closer to the time, so as to best meet the exact needs of the communities volunteers will be working in. As a volunteer you will be involved in a number of ministries that are linked to local initiatives in the surrounding community or are led by missionaries in our area.

ANGEL BABY ORPHANGE Angel Centre is a refuge for abandoned infants, where they receive their basic human rights, and most of all – love in a place they can call home.There are several areas where mission teams and volunteers can assist.

This includes the day-to-day care of the home’s babies:

- Nappy changing, feeding and bathing
- Nurturing and loving interaction with babies
- Constructive and stimulating interaction through play

LCC KAMIRITHU BRANCH The Kamirithu LCC Center is a sub-branch and outreach of the L.C.C. This center serves pre-school children between the ages of 4–7 in Kamirthu. It was founded as a feeding program and offers pre-school education.

- Assist teachers with regular lessons or by adding lessons in music, art
- Help in the preparation of meals.
- Assist with practical improvements -painting, fence building and other.

PAGES ACADEMY: Pages Academy is our newest pre-school education ministry with about 30 students. Charles is the headmaster and sole teacher at Pages Academy in Karanjee, with a reputation of inspiring passion for teaching despite challenges since May 2009. Karanjee is a relatively poor community in Kenya, where most parents cannot consistently pay tuition or pack their children a lunch.

Despite this fact, over 50 pupils have graduated and been accepted into the primary school. Get involved with:

- Possible construction projects
- Practical help with food program
- Assist with teaching.

WOMEN’S POWER GROUP This is an inspirational group of women who are living wit HIV/AIDS. They started a support group in order to carry each other through their challenges. Besides emotional support, they initiated a business selling their handmade crafts. Their profit and savings are set aside for emergency medical needs, school fees and the maintenance of their business.

Involvement here entails:

- Weekly Bible study with the group
- Enjoy a time of praise and worship, prayer and fellowship
- Share Christ’s love and be encouraged by their faith

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Project Orientation and Support

Upon your arrival in Kenya, you will be oriented both to the projects and to the local culture. Your volunteer Coordinator will provide up to date information about each project along with a day of visiting projects. Your skills and passions will be matched with the needs and values of the projects to create a schedule of where your time will be spent. Scheduled days are Wednesdays and Fridays; on Wednesdays volunteers plan a bible study in the morning hours and then drive into Nairobi to do the Bible Study with the Power Women. On Fridays volunteers will partake in a particular task in one selected project altogether in the morning hours and then later on drive to the village market/ Maasai market for the afternoon.

When working with a project, it may be that you are the only volunteer placed at that project. Although your coordinator will be available to brainstorm, support and direct you where necessary, much of your time will be spent working directly with the local project staff. You will be doing your own lesson planning, preparation of Bible studies or designing a new look for one of the schools according to an individuals own strengths and abilities. So if you have any resources or books that could help you in your planning, this would be very helpful to bring along!

ACTS functions as your logistics and ministry facilitator, allowing you to get deeply involved in people’s lives and making your time here as meaningful as possible.

Accommodation and meals

Our volunteer house is a comfortable and safe home located at Brackenhurst International Conference Centre. You may be required to share ablutions and bedrooms with other volunteers of the same sex. All bedding is provided, so you will not need to bring a sleeping bag with you, unless you are thinking of doing a camping safari during your stay, although an extra cover sometimes is useful in the colder months (May – September). All meals, laundry and transportation to and from your projects will be provided and organised by your volunteer coordinator.

You will be provided with three meals a day, served at the ACTS volunteer house, and you will be expected to help out with certain meal preparations. Volunteers fix their own breakfast and packed lunches, and when you get back in the afternoon you will have a turn to assist our chef is preparing a meal for the house. This is a great opportunity to get stuck in and learn how to make some local Kenyan or foreign dishes.

Breakfast usually consists of cereals/porridge, toast, tea and coffee. Lunch usually consists of includes sandwiches, crisps, juice and fruit. Dinner is the main meal, and here you will be eating a variety of delicious local Kenyan dishes, along with the opportunity to cook and share your favourite foreign dishes with your fellow housemates. We do cater for vegetarians. You can also purchase a few extra treats on your weekly visit to the local supermarket, or enjoy some delicious meals at Brackenhurst’s Muna Tree Cafe. Please let us know before you depart for Africa of any food allergies or specific requirements. We do everything we can to provide for any dietary requirements, but we may have to ask you to bring some things with you if what you need is not available locally.

Getting there
We will meet you at the airport! Fly into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, where you will be met by one of our drivers or coordinator, who will transfer you to the project accommodation. It is around a 1 hour 15 minutes drive without traffic from the airport to Brackenhurst Conference Centre.

ACTS provides several church options, based on your preferences. Tigoni Fellowship is a very typical local Kenyan church, located near Brackenhurst (5 minute drive), and is where the children from the LCC also attend. Another typically Kenyan church is Tigoni Baptist Church, only a 5 minute walk from the Brackenhurst main gate. Karuri Church is located closer to Nairobi and is a mix of Kenyans and Westerners. And finally, International Christian Fellowship meets at an International school in Nairobi. The format of ICF most closely resembles that of a Western church.

A day in the life of a volunteer…
Here is how a typical day in the life of a Kenya volunteer might take shape:
Please note that your schedule may differ from this, depending on your own experience/interests and the number of other volunteers on the placement at the same time. This is merely to give an example.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
7:00 – 8:00 Getting ready and breakfast
8:00 – 8:30 Devotion time together with ACTS coordinator
8:30 – 9:00 Depart for project of the day e.g. Angels, LCC-K or Pages
13:00 – 13:30 Have a short break and enjoy your packed lunch
13:30 – 15:30 Continue with project work
15:30 – 16:00 You will be picked up from project and taken back to the volunteer base

*Three days a week you will have devotions from 8 – 8.30am with your ACTS team.

7:30 – 9:00 Getting ready and breakfast
9:00 – 10:00 Plan Bible study for the Power Women Group
10:00 – 14:00 Visit Power Women’s Group in the Kibera slums for Bible study
14:00 – 15:00 You will be picked up from project and taken back to the volunteer base

7:00 – 8:00 Getting ready and breakfast
8:00 – 8:30 Reflection Group (talking about placement experiences and expectations)
8:30 – 9:00 Departing for the day’s project work
9:00 – 12:30 Project work
12:30 – 13:00 Leave project after completing work/duties; you can have your packed lunch in the car or have it before or after we depart from project
13:00 – 16:30 Village market and Maasai market: some leisure time as you get to experience a different Kenyan setting and Maasai crafts and curios.

Evenings are generally very sociable affairs. They may be spent at the volunteer cottage discussing the day whilst having dinner, preparing for the project the next day, hanging out at the cafe or using the internet at Brackenhurst. Volunteers are also welcome to plan their own activities such as having dinner in Nairobi.


This is a time for you to relax! Weekends also provide great opportunities for you to see more of the beautiful country. You can also get involved in some projects that we only offer on weekends, like workshops on specific topics or Bible studies at youth groups and children centres.
Over the weekend volunteers are welcome to book any additional excursions through the on-site booking office. More information available on request. See below for some suggestions and highlights of possible excursions.

Outside of ministry

African Adventure
ACTS Volunteers will have the opportunity to get away from project work to enjoy the many travel and adventure opportunities Kenya has to offer. Excursions include some of the finest African wildlife experiences, and a chance to get out and enjoy God’s creation.

Maasai Mara
Most visitors to Kenya make time to experience the Masai Mara National Reserve, the northern extension of the Serengeti. Well known for the renowned migration of 1.4 million wildebeest (usually between July and November), the Masai Mara is famous for its prolific game-viewing and abundance of predators all-year round, and boasts the country’s highest wildlife density. Spend your days exploring the beautiful surroundings and searching for those unforgettable wildlife encounters. The Mara experience is a must and will never disappoint.

Abedare National Park
Enjoy wildlife at close range, as you spend your time in a tree lodge overlooking a waterhole, within the Abedare National Park. The wildlife can also be enjoyed whilst exploring the surrounding area on an optional game drive. Abedare National Park offers great views of Mount Kenya and its pristine mountain forest habitat is a precious part of Kenya’s rich wildlife heritage.

Amboseli National Park
Travelling south of Nairobi to the Tanzanian border, Amboseli National Park is situated perfectly for spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Whether you are camping at the foot of Africa’s highest peak or doing it in style at a luxurious lodge, this park is well worth the visit! The commanding backdrop provided by Mount Kilimanjaro and large herds of elephant and buffalo, ensure your game drives will be an unforgettable experience of the ‘African bush’.

Lake Nakuru National Park
Heading northwards from Nairobi, after travelling on the edge of the breathtaking Rift Valley, you will reach Lake Nakuru National Park. This unique game park offers impressive scenery and wildlife on the lake’s shores. The lake is home to thousands of flamingos, and is renowned for frequent leopard and rhino sightings.

Lake Naivasha
This is a great day trip only one hour drive away from Limuru. At the lake you can enjoy horse riding, hippo safaris, fishing, game walk in the Crater Lake Reserve, rock climbing or mountain biking through Hell’s Gate National Park.

Kenyan Coast
Kenya’s coast could easily be called paradise… The white sand fringed with palm trees and turquoise waters sheltered by coral reefs will take your breath away. Amongst the optional activities are snorkeling, dolphin safaris, dhow cruises (traditional Kenyan boat), fishing, scuba diving and bird watching.

Nairobi Day Trip
For those that do not want to travel far, you can experience the ‘African Bush’ a stone’s throw from the city centre and spend your day enjoying a range of wonderful experiences…

Nairobi National Park
The game park is a great escape from the busy city of Nairobi, and offers opportunities for exciting and unforgettable wildlife encounters. If you are lucky, you might find the ‘king of the beasts’, or the frequently seen Black Rhino as well as a host of plains game and great bird-life.

Giraffe Sanctuary
Experience these graceful creatures at close proximity whilst feeding them by hand. This unique experience is bound to be one of those unforgettable highlights of your visit to Kenya. Many of our visitors have been treated to a slobbery giraffe kiss(with the encouragement of a food pellet in their mouths)!

Elephant Orphanage
Here you can see how these young, orphaned giants are nursed back to full health on their way to being reintroduced into the wild. Watch them wallow in the mud puddles, trumpet their way to their milk bottles and perhaps even kick their soccer ball!

Transfer from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi
Orientation and introductions to project work
All daily transportation to and from the projects
Full board and lodging which includes 3 meals a day at your accommodation
Assistance and support in your projects by ACTS coordinators throughout your time at your Kenya placement

Personal travel insurance for the duration of your placement (expected to include cover for repatriation)
All items of a personal nature, such as curios, gifts, clothing (work and other)
Telephone calls, internet and soft drinks
All visas
Any optional extra excursions
Any flights
Optional activities

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Kenya Volunteer Project

How long: 4 Week Volunteer Project
Where: Limuru, Kenya
Minimum age: 18
Dates & Cost:
4 Week Volunteer Project: 17 June – 18 July 2018
Price: USD$1795

*This is a discounted price and is subject to being booked before 31 Jan 2018. The usual cost is USD$100 in addition to the above-quoted price.

Project costs include
• Project Fee: this entails financing that goes directly back into the project that you are involved with. This project fee facilitates funding for items such as teaching materials, sports equipment, supplies, etc.
• Transfer from the nearest airport, bus or train station in Kenya to the project accommodation in Limuru
• Orientation and introductions to project work upon your arrival
• All daily transportation to and from the project
• Full board and lodging which includes 3 meals a day at your accommodation
• Assistance in your projects by ACTS volunteer coordinators. Full support throughout your placement from ACTS volunteer coordinators and the ministry with which you get involved

Project costs exclude
• Personal travel insurance for the duration of your placement (expected to include cover for repatriation)
• All items of a personal nature, such as curios, gifts, clothing (work and other)
• Email/Internet, telephone calls and soft drinks (internet available within walking distance)
• All visas for border crossings (on extra excursions)
• Any optional excursions over weekends
• Transport after hours and on weekends

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