Ministry Highlight : Ubuntu Football 

Ministry Highlight : Ubuntu Football 

Ubuntu Football – a non-profit football academy

Sadly, nearly 60% of children in South Africa are growing up without a father. This has led to a severe lack of positive male role models. It has also contributed to various social issues such as alcoholism, drug addiction, gender inequality, and corruption. Ubuntu Football was established in 2011 as a response to the issue of fatherlessness in South African society. Boys are enrolled into the academy at about age 11 and nurtured for about 7 years.

Photos By Ubuntu Football

The academy aims to provide holistic mentoring to every child who comes through the doors. The hope is to develop and shape the next generation of African leaders, conduct professional football training for aspiring players, and proffer rich educational opportunities to help each participant reach their full potential. Ubuntu Football envisions that families, communities, and societies will thrive as a result of their program’s positive impact.

Some of the former Ubuntu mentees have moved on to acquiring university scholarships, playing professional football, and securing different kinds of employment. As quoted from the Ubuntu website, “It would be amazing if one of our players became the next great soccer star, but our real hope is that through their mentorship and education, they will become great fathers, community leaders, and role models.”