Reasons why you should visit the Okavango Delta

Reasons why you should visit the Okavango Delta

The OKAVANGO DELTA is one of the largest freshwater wetlands in southern Africa. This vast and diverse ecosystem covers between 6 and 15 000 square kilometers of the Kalahari Desert in northern Botswana.

Encompassed by the Moremi Game Reserve and multiple wildlife concessions within Ngamiland, the Okavango Delta is considered a vital wildlife area. A major safari destination in Botswana, it features some of the country’s finest safari accommodations and provides a crucial source of income and employment for the people of the region as depicted by the National Geographic projects website. Here are four reasons why you should visit the Okavango Delta.

Experience the diverse wildlife up close

The Okavango Delta is home to large concentrations of animal and plant life. Through careful wildlife management, it has become one of the best places on the continent to see wildlife. The wildlife of the Okavango Delta includes 530 species of birds, 160 species of mammals, 155 species of reptiles, and 35 species of amphibians. Notable species include the African Bush Elephant, Hippopotamus, Black Rhinoceros, White Rhinoceros, and the endangered African Wild Dog – the region has one of the richest pack densities in Africa. In addition, there are 24 species of globally threatened birds living in the Delta, hence the region was declared an important bird area by BirdLife International.

Enjoy isolated and unique safari experiences

The Okavango Delta makes up a large portion of the tourism component of Botswana’s GDP. It is estimated that roughly 100 000 people visit the region every year, contributing to Botswana’s economy. Despite this, the region follows a low-impact tourism model meaning that there are rarely massive crowds or tourists moving around the region at the same time. As a result of the incredible wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and phenomenal tourist experiences, the Okavango Delta has become one of the most exciting safari destinations on the continent.

Explore the region by foot or by boat

The Okavango Delta is one of the few places in the world where you can go on boat-based safaris. You can explore the waterways of the Delta in a mokoro – a traditional long canoe used by the local people for generations. One can traverse this landscape with a local guide as they view and observe what has only been seen by those who grew up in the region. If you feel that a mokoro trip is not for you, there are numerous walking trails on offer for those who would rather stick to dry land.

Engage in its rich culture and heritage

Batswana are warm and inviting people, with unique cultures and experiences from which we can learn a lot. The majority of the safari experiences along the Okavango Delta make a conscious effort to teach its guests about Botswana’s rich history and culture. Local communities descend from early San settlers, and many still use the ancient cultural practices, including hunter-gatherer skills, to track animals and find useful plants. This adds depth to the bush experience.

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