About Us


ACTS was founded by a family with a long history in Zimbabwean safaris. In partnership with local missionaries and organizations, ACTS first facilitated mission trips in Southern and East Africa in 2003. In the following years, a passionate team invested wholeheartedly in the growth of four hubs of operation in Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

The founding purpose of ACTS remains an important part of who we are – serving missional efforts with our logistical support and sprawling relational networks on the ground in Africa.

The ACTS Group has also grown to include a variety of specialist travel, hospitality, and education services in the countries in which we work and live. Our vision is to have a kingdom-minded approach in all of our work, seeking to be a remarkable blessing to the surrounding communities and environment.

We believe in the power of the gospel to transform all areas of life, society, and this great continent. We believe in operating with the utmost integrity despite the pressures we face to compromise. We deeply value and care for the people we serve and work with. We take our responsibility to be excellent stewards of the natural environment seriously. We are convinced of the importance of the local church and we celebrate vibrant communities of faith wherever we work. We are passionate about seeing the people and wildlife of Africa flourish.

ACTS has always been great! I never felt like I wasn’t being taken care of or unsafe...
It has been the most amazing, incredible and overwhelming experience of my life! Thank you for everything ... a life-changing few days.


ACTS is an African-based organization that is passionate about bringing Christian believers to serve God on our continent. We are dedicated to:


FRIENDLINESS: Our friendliness and care for each other, our clients, and our community partners set us apart from others.

COLLABORATION: We prize teamwork and partnership with all stakeholders as essential components of creating life-changing experiences.

INNOVATION: Our innovative spirit drives our curiosity, creativity, and responsiveness. It encourages us to continually be thinking about creative ways to serve our clients.

STEWARDSHIP: We are deeply committed to treating God’s creation, including its diverse resources and its peoples, with integrity and respect.

GROWTH: We desire to grow personally and as a team, intentionally challenging ourselves to better serve our clients, missional community and church partners.